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glamOh session: Michelle MU

August 31, 2009
Makeup Session for Michelle

Michelle wanted to change up her look and utilize more of the makeup she currently owns. The key focus for this makeover was to incorporate pretty colors on her eyes, a change from the usual dark browns and charcoals she uses on a daily day/night basis.

Here is her Chanel eyeshadow quad we used. It has a satin finish (in between shimmer and matte) with dark plum, medium lilac, pink, and off-white. Chanel eyeshadows tend to have good pigmentation and blend well. Quad palettes are a convenient way to have all the colors you need for smokey eyes.

Top adjustments made to Michelle’s makeup regimen:
1. Liquid/creme foundation
2. Cool colors on eyes
3. Contoured cheeks and more color
4. Lip color

1. Liquid/creme foundation – Michelle usually uses a foundation powder compact applied with a large brush. Liquid foundation followed by a light dusting of translucent loose powder can help even out complexion and have a more second-skin effect than heavy coverage powder. Lucky for her, no concealer was needed as the foundation evened out her skin perfectly.

2. Eyes Instead of a dark smokey eye, I used the same techniques for purple. Proper blending and highlighting is important when using colors like purple so you don’t look like you have bruised eye.

To intensify the look for a party she was attending in the late evening, I added more of the darkest purple shade to the outer corners of her eye on top and bottom. We finished off with a black liner and smudged it for a more blended effect.

3. Contoured cheeks and more color- Michelle has great cheekbones. She usually adds color to the apples with a light/medium bronzer. I decided to scupt her cheek with contouring powder, medium neutral blush, and pink blush for a more defined look. I highlighted the top of her cheek to keep the look natural and glow-y.

4. Lip color – Michelle uses a neutral pink or nude gloss daily. I used a neutral lipstick color to it last throughout the day, followed by a pink gloss.

The cool colors in this look can be worn with a LBD for a night look or a summer dress for a day look. Colors can be versatile. All you need to adjust is the intensity of the application to switch from day to night.

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Interview with the Glampire: Bridal Preview for Hair

August 24, 2009
Hair Trial for Jess

Jess wants a down ‘do for her November wedding to match her laid-back personality. She doesn’t want hair that’s too fancy or uptight.

Her hair is fine and very resistant to heat-styling, meaning it doesn’t hold a curl well. Though more time consuming than using only a curling iron, we decided to use hot rollers to set her hair. It resulted in the curls she wanted, plus volume at the roots. I minimized the usage of hair products, like hairspray, to prevent it from weighing down her hair.

We also incorporated in some human hair extension clips (great because they are reusable and less harsh than ones glued directly on hair) to add fullness. She chose the perfect shade that blended right in.

I lightly teased her entire head so she would have volume, but not too much because she will be wearing a veil covering her entire head.

daily glamOh: Casual Updo

August 24, 2009
Casual Updo with a Classic Twist

My sister borrowed Good to Great Hair for me from the local library (who knew dusty old libraries could have contemporary gems!). Lately, I’ve been exploring how different hair types require different approaches to styling and this book couldn’t have fallen into my lap at a better time.

I’ve always had an affinity for the glamorous S-waves of yesteryear Hollywood stars and Robert Vetica makes it seem too easy.

On a lazy Saturday afternoon, I put his book to the test by incorporating his techniques in a casual updo. Robert reminds readers that a wave is just a curl brushed out. With that in mind, I took a small-barrelled curling iron and created semi-tight curls in the front of my head and then combed through. A little hairspray and strategic pinning while the spray dried…voila! deconstructed S-waves. Though not the perfect ones as seen on the red carpet, it works for a daily “one up” look.

I took a large barrell curling iron to back section of my hair, just to curl the ends. I split the back into two sections, then twisted into semi-messy buns, “tucking the hair under” at the nape of the neck to give the illusion of shorter hair. Lastly, I pulled the sides of my hair back and pinned along the hairline and into buns.

Hello world!

August 19, 2009

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daily glamOh: Classic Beauty

August 17, 2009
Classic Hollywood on The GlamOh

Even when I’m not working with clients, I’m always dolling up or experimenting on myself to explore the boundless world of beauty. Here, I did one of my favorite looks for a special occasion.

Makeup – Simple, but gushing glamor

Key ingredients: Eyeliner, red lips (or any bold color), defined brows, and sculpted cheeks
Bonus: False lashes for added dramatic effect

Hair – I went for an old-fashioned, traditional style (in less than 15 minutes!)

I parted my hair in the middle to contrast my usual side-part. I split my hair in two sections. I curled the top half of my hair with a small barrel curling iron. The key was to get close to the roots so that after I pinned it the hair back, you could still see waves instead of evenly slicked hair.

I cheated time by making a bun with the bottom section. Then, I pulled the curled pieces from the top half of my head over the bun to conceal it and pinned pieces randomly.

glamOh session: Esther MU+H

August 17, 2009
Makeup consultation/tutorial + hairstyling: Esther

Esther and I originally met for a makeup session + tutorial. The majority of makeup we used was her own so she could learn how to utilize them on a daily basis.

Esther’s daily makeup regimen usually includes light foundation/powder, eyebrow pencil, blush, lip gloss, and eyeliner.

We added in eye shadows and lip color, while taking everything else up a few notches.

We used a combination of products to make her skin even toned with a balance of matte/sheen for a healthy glow. The multi-tasking hero of this look was Benefit’s High Beam illuminator.

Contour/Highlight – We worked on contouring and highlighting areas like the cheeks, nose, and lips.

Eyes – We worked on a smokey eye technique with every day neutral-toned colors and then incorporated grey/black tones from a Chanel quad to add a dramatic effect.

Instead of using a thick black liquid eyeliner to define the eyes, we used dark powders and pencil eyeliners for a softer effect.

Hair – After the makeup was finished, we decided that she HAD to have styled hair to match her glam look. I transformed her usually long, straight hair into a mane of volume and sexy waves.

Esther has great face structure and we merely brought them out with the right colors. She left the session feeling like a high fashion model.

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Project GlamOh: Kat Von D

August 14, 2009
Channeling my inner Kat Von D

My inspiration for this look was Kat Von D’s print ad for her new fragrances Saint and Sinner in the latest Sephora Catalog. Though I can’t compete with Kat Von D’s beautiful skin and face structure, a girl can try, can’t she? Besides, beauty is all about exploration. GlamOh stands for empowering women to explore their beauty through makeup, hair, fashion, and life.

Nose – My nose looked a little large due to the flash in my camera. In order to keep the entire look sharp, I decided to contour my nose more dramatically.

I used a dark, matte brown contour powder to create shadows on my nose for more definition. I highlighted the highest part of the bridge with a matte white and light tan powder.

Cheeks – I used a contouring powder to sculpt the cheek and used a bronzer with shimmer to highlight.

Lips – I used a matte red/pink as a base for my lips, blotted with a tissue, then layered on a slightly glossy bright magenta lip color. No gloss or illuminator added. In order to create a more 3D shape and make my lips pop, I put a light shimmer powder on the cupids bow of the upper lip and put a border of concealer around the entire lip.

Brows – I used a brow gel and dark eyebrow powder to create a strong arch.

My version of a magazine shot…

Remember, nothing is inaccessible for you. All you need is an adventurous spirit and an open mind.

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Interview with the Glampire: Hair Trial

August 13, 2009
Wedding Trial for Bridesmaid

The bride is wearing her hair up, so all the bridesmaids (including my client) will be wearing their hair down.

Her requirements were to keep bangs in the front and have loose waves. We tried a half ‘do to keep the look polished, but not as formal as the bride.

Closeup of the upstyle (left). I describe this shape as a clover. It’s a reinvention of a traditional bun, in a way.

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Interview with the Glampire: Bridal Preview for Hair

August 12, 2009
Hair consultation and trial

The most recent formal hairstyle she donned was as a bridesmaid in a friend’s wedding. She didn’t request a particular style, but asked that she had pieces in the front to “cover” her face. The result was a down ‘do simply curled. She was neither impressed or happy with it.

For our meeting, I convinced her that an upstyle can be accommodated to fit anyone with any face shape, even her “circular” face structure.

I used a large barrel curling iron to create loose waves. Then, I teased her hair all over, especially around the crown to create some body and height. We pulled the hair back and placed curls in an ‘artistic’ manner. I left a large, flowy piece of hair in the front to create an alluring and casual touch to the overall look.

In the end, she was surprised at the fact that an updo actually worked on her and said she would definitely be more open to pulling hair away from her face in the future. Mission accomplished!

Interview with the Glampire: Bridal Preview for Hair

August 5, 2009
Consultation with a client

Here is a special occasion hair trial for an upcoming wedding. The bride-to-be will be wearing a veil over her entire head, so I did an upstyle that would sit low and not be fussy.

I went for a simple, yet elegant look so the bride’s face, veil, and dress could be the stars.

I used a large barrel curling iron to create wave and texture and strategically secured hair pieces with pins.

I used multiple hairspray products to test what worked best on her hair texture:

Aussie Instant Freeze Hair Spray
Kenra Volume Spray 25

TRESemme European Tres Two Hair Spray

She slept on it overnight and wore it to work the next day with everything still intact! Her mom and co-workers loved it.

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