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Rapunzel, Rapunzel

September 17, 2009
Rapunzel, Rapunzel lets down her long hair

Sometimes, Rapunzel wants to wear her hair in ravishing ringlets instead of simply long. Straight, long, medium/thick textured hair is heavy and it often challenged with volume and body.

In order to achieve anti-gravity curls, I set the hair in pin curls (imaginary hot rollers created by hand and clips) for at least 30 minutes to let the curls fully set. Then, I backcombed the hair around the crown to create volume.

Rapunzel exclaimed she has never had her hair so bouncy. It’s a fairy-tale come true.


JAC Beauty: Polly’s Wedding

September 15, 2009
E’s Makeup

I teamed up with JAC Beauty for a bridal party session – Polly, the bride, and six bridesmaids. Here is one of the bridesmaid’s makeup I did (E, above). The rest of the makeup and hair was done by Jean and Genie, respectively.

Jean was the director for the makeup “look” for the bridal party. She wanted warm and bronze tones for all the bridesmaids. For E, I used peach and bronze eyeshadows, dark pink blush, and nude/pink lips with a touch of gloss.

Tip: Clean and nicely-shaped brows, makes any look more refined. I used a eyebrow shaver and small scissors to clean up E’s brows, then used a dark brown eyebrow powder to shade in her arches.

Here is Polly, the bride, with makeup done by Jean. Her big eyes were accented with bronze shadows, ivory highlighter/shimmer, black eyeliner, and false lashes.

For more info on JAC Beauty, visit the sites below. (California) (New York)

Interview with the Glampire: Hair Trial

September 3, 2009
Special Occasion Upstyle

Since most brides need the front/top section of the head relatively flat and un-ornate as they will be wearing a veil or tiara on top, I added a feather hair piece to the front/side to add some flare.

No traditional hair accesory on top? You can also oomph the front section by adding braids or twists, a headband, flowers, or other accesories. Keep it simple, though, you don’t want to go overboard.

Secret (shhh): You can’t see it, but inside the mass of curled and neatly pinned hair, there is a section of backcombed hair (think Amy Winehouse) that served as a little hair “pincushion.” It’s a great way to get height to the hair and you can secure bobby pins in there as well.

Visit for more photos.

The Ponytail

September 2, 2009
60’s Style Ponytail

Make your bad hair day into a glam one, by slightly adjusting your ponytail for a more polished look. The key to a 60’s style ponytail is va va voom volume on top. You can leave out your bangs, if you’d like.

1. Make a tight ponytail, leaving out a section of hair on top.
2. Wrap hair around ponytail to conceal rubber band. Use bobby pins to secure.
3. Backcomb (tease) top portion of hair. Polish the top layer of hair to hide “ratted” hair.
4. Pull back top portion and “hide” near base of ponytail.
5. Curl ponytail, if desired.

Tale of Two GlamOh’s

September 2, 2009

In Tale of Two Cities, Charles Dicken juxtaposes the lives of French peasants vs. aristocrats during the French Revolution. Here, I did two versions of glam, sleek vs. sexy. Don’t be mistaken, though, both of these looks are “rich”!

French Twist
French Twists can be executed in dozens of ways as long as you have the foundation for the look, the twist on the lower portion of the hair.

I added some curls and structure in the front for more texture.

“Victoria’s Secret” Hair
Big, sexy waves are the signature of Victoria’s Secret models. In order to achieve this look, use a curling iron or hot rollers to set curls. Once the curls have cooled, softly run your fingers hair through to break up the curls. Finish with light spray. That’s it.

You want a look that is natural, flowy, and irregular. No need to go in and fix every single curl or you’ll make the look too contrived.

Visit for more shots of these looks.

project GLAMway: Edgy Hair Upstyle

September 2, 2009
For the Catwalk or Flashin’ Lights

This look is inspired by and for editorial or runway. Whether it’s a Fashion Show or Magazine Shoot or the Runway called Life, look glamOhrous with this simple, yet edgy ‘do.

Visit for more pictures.

1. Create two sections – top and bottom
2. Make a tight (think face lift!) ponytail with bottom portion
3. Backcomb (AKA “tease”) top portion and ponytail
4. Make desired shape with hair – let your creativity run wild
5. Finish with product and brushing to tame the look

Key Elements:
1. Slick on the sides – use oil-based gel or wax
2. Textured on top – light to medium hairspray
3. Polished all around – brush and comb to create a clean silhouette

Secret (shhh): I curled and set the top portion of the hair before styling. The model had a shorter fringe (AKA “bangs”) so it created a cool pretzel shape in the front. Sometimes, you have to let the hair do what it wants and just go with it.