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JAC Beauty: Polly’s Wedding

September 15, 2009
E’s Makeup

I teamed up with JAC Beauty for a bridal party session – Polly, the bride, and six bridesmaids. Here is one of the bridesmaid’s makeup I did (E, above). The rest of the makeup and hair was done by Jean and Genie, respectively.

Jean was the director for the makeup “look” for the bridal party. She wanted warm and bronze tones for all the bridesmaids. For E, I used peach and bronze eyeshadows, dark pink blush, and nude/pink lips with a touch of gloss.

Tip: Clean and nicely-shaped brows, makes any look more refined. I used a eyebrow shaver and small scissors to clean up E’s brows, then used a dark brown eyebrow powder to shade in her arches.

Here is Polly, the bride, with makeup done by Jean. Her big eyes were accented with bronze shadows, ivory highlighter/shimmer, black eyeliner, and false lashes.

For more info on JAC Beauty, visit the sites below. (California) (New York)