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Starry, Starry Eyes

October 6, 2009
Channeling My Inner Vincent Van Gogh

Starry, starry [eyes]
Paint your palette blue and grey

For a birthday party last weekend, I put on sultry shades of blue and silver on my girlfriend’s eyes. The main palette was a limited edition Stila Blue Trio Eyeshadow.

To make the eyes pop, I used a loose white, shimmer powder on the inner corners of the eye.

For the finishing touch, I adhered bold, doll-like false lashes. KY Beauty sells these at wholesale prices. The website doesn’t display all the styles Online, so you can call to inquire.

Surprisingly, the lashes didn’t look too over the top with the smoke eye makeup. But just so you can get a sense of how dramatic these are, I’ve pasted them on our little furry friend, Rilakkuma (Japanese nickname for relaxing bear).


Duo Eyelash Adhesive

August 3, 2009

My sister referred me to this brand of eyelash adhesive and swore it’s the best one out there.

I purchased the Dark Tone one at my local beauty supply store assuming that it would blend in better with dark lashes as it claimed. But, it’s actually an opaque gray color, which does not appear natural against black lashes at all. And, when I tried to adjust the placement of the false lash (hard to get it perfect the first time ALL the time), it left a colored residue behind, making the first attempt of application obvious.

Pro’s: Waterproof (hooray for teary brides!) and resilient. Even the hard to stick ends stayed put for hours. I found that it worked significantly more effectively than those mini glues that are often packaged with false lashes.

Con’s: Dark Tone is a medium off-color gray tone that is not invisible. I think it’s best to stick to the clear version. Though lashes are easy to remove, it can leave residue on eyelids, real eyelashes, and false lashes.