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Project GlamOh: Kat Von D

August 14, 2009
Channeling my inner Kat Von D

My inspiration for this look was Kat Von D’s print ad for her new fragrances Saint and Sinner in the latest Sephora Catalog. Though I can’t compete with Kat Von D’s beautiful skin and face structure, a girl can try, can’t she? Besides, beauty is all about exploration. GlamOh stands for empowering women to explore their beauty through makeup, hair, fashion, and life.

Nose – My nose looked a little large due to the flash in my camera. In order to keep the entire look sharp, I decided to contour my nose more dramatically.

I used a dark, matte brown contour powder to create shadows on my nose for more definition. I highlighted the highest part of the bridge with a matte white and light tan powder.

Cheeks – I used a contouring powder to sculpt the cheek and used a bronzer with shimmer to highlight.

Lips – I used a matte red/pink as a base for my lips, blotted with a tissue, then layered on a slightly glossy bright magenta lip color. No gloss or illuminator added. In order to create a more 3D shape and make my lips pop, I put a light shimmer powder on the cupids bow of the upper lip and put a border of concealer around the entire lip.

Brows – I used a brow gel and dark eyebrow powder to create a strong arch.

My version of a magazine shot…

Remember, nothing is inaccessible for you. All you need is an adventurous spirit and an open mind.

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