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Sephora Discount

October 22, 2009

I heart Sephora. I refer to it as the Nordstrom’s of Beauty.

True, I can get a professional discount at makeup supply stores in Los Angeles or vendors online, but to save time, drive, and trouble I can easily find what I need at Sephora.

With the Friends & Family Discount of 20%, I can get the products I need at a comparable cost with the perk of Sephora’s easy return policy. Type in FF2009 at Checkout during 10/19 thru 11/2 get your beauty product needs and splurges. Also, any order over $50 at this time qualifies you for gratis shipping.

Beat that, Economy!


Limelight Thief: Miss C

October 13, 2009
Hair and Makeup for Wedding Guests

Miss C kept her outfit low-key to avoid outshining the Bride at a recent wedding. But with a little dash of glam, she probably stole the limelight just a little.

To avoid hair breakage on her permed hair, Miss C requested that no heating implements (i.e. blowdryer or curling iron) be used. Also, she wanted to keep her hair somewhat informal, so we used minimal hairspray and didn’t worry about a loose end here or a flyaway there.

By using her natural hair texture, I was able to pin waves in a free form low upstyle. We added in a french braid and twist in the front, so you could see her hairstyle from the front in pictures.

Miss C uses minimal makeup on a daily basis (see left). So we used her Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturizer as a foundation base and layered large patches of buildable concealer to get more coverage and even out skin tone.

For the eyes, I used an eyeshadow palette with natural colors and a satin finish. For definition, black pencil eyeliner and two coats of mascara.

Miss C received a compliment that she was “glowing” and told me “that stuff you use really does the trick!”

The secret was a shimmering, liquid luminizer I used to bring out her cheekbones.

Tip: Showing off your neckline can make you appear taller and leaner.

Click here for more photos of Miss C.

Starry, Starry Eyes

October 6, 2009
Channeling My Inner Vincent Van Gogh

Starry, starry [eyes]
Paint your palette blue and grey

For a birthday party last weekend, I put on sultry shades of blue and silver on my girlfriend’s eyes. The main palette was a limited edition Stila Blue Trio Eyeshadow.

To make the eyes pop, I used a loose white, shimmer powder on the inner corners of the eye.

For the finishing touch, I adhered bold, doll-like false lashes. KY Beauty sells these at wholesale prices. The website doesn’t display all the styles Online, so you can call to inquire.

Surprisingly, the lashes didn’t look too over the top with the smoke eye makeup. But just so you can get a sense of how dramatic these are, I’ve pasted them on our little furry friend, Rilakkuma (Japanese nickname for relaxing bear).

My Mom is Prettier than Yours

October 5, 2009
Career Makeup for Mom

Remember when we were kids and we tried to one-up each other with our parents’ abilities? Well, maybe only in the movies…

My mom may not be prettier than yours, but I sure made her look pretty for her company photo this morning.

Any mom can look years younger with some makeup, proper skincare, and a healthy lifestyle.

My mom has extremely sensitive skin where most products make her breakout in rashes. For a professional photo, I would normally use a heavier coverage foundation, but we didn’t here to prevent a possible allergic reaction. She used her own foundation base and tinted moisturizer, but I set the face with multiple thin layers of pressed and loose powder to get some additional coverage.

Dior has a great powder foundation that has great coverage and tiny flecks of light-reflecting powders that prevent a flat finish. A bonus is that it contains SPF, a key factor in age prevention. I also used Bobbi Brown’s Face Powder to deliver some warmth and color to the face. Lastly, I applied Make Up For Ever’s famous HD Loose Powder to get a nice, matte finish without the cakiness.

Even for Beauty Conservatives like my mom, false lashes are great way to enhance the eyes. I used the most natural-looking false lashes to help darken her own eyelashes and make her eyes look more open. The eyelashes on these are shorter than typical ones you see at the mall or at drugstores. The result is a a “barely there” look.

Tips for makeup on mature skin:
– Avoid too much shimmer as light attracts attention to wrinkles or dry skin
– Avoid dark colors on lips (unless that’s the look) as it makes the lips seem smaller
– Make sure to add blush to cheeks to give a youthful glow
– Define eyebrows and eyelash line as hair tends to thin with age
– Add a touch of gloss on the lips to make them appear fuller (too much may look tacky)

She received “nothing but positive comments” on her makeup from all her co-workers. It’s a good Monday for both of us!

JAC Beauty: Polly’s Wedding

September 15, 2009
E’s Makeup

I teamed up with JAC Beauty for a bridal party session – Polly, the bride, and six bridesmaids. Here is one of the bridesmaid’s makeup I did (E, above). The rest of the makeup and hair was done by Jean and Genie, respectively.

Jean was the director for the makeup “look” for the bridal party. She wanted warm and bronze tones for all the bridesmaids. For E, I used peach and bronze eyeshadows, dark pink blush, and nude/pink lips with a touch of gloss.

Tip: Clean and nicely-shaped brows, makes any look more refined. I used a eyebrow shaver and small scissors to clean up E’s brows, then used a dark brown eyebrow powder to shade in her arches.

Here is Polly, the bride, with makeup done by Jean. Her big eyes were accented with bronze shadows, ivory highlighter/shimmer, black eyeliner, and false lashes.

For more info on JAC Beauty, visit the sites below. (California) (New York)

daily glamOh: Classic Beauty

August 17, 2009
Classic Hollywood on The GlamOh

Even when I’m not working with clients, I’m always dolling up or experimenting on myself to explore the boundless world of beauty. Here, I did one of my favorite looks for a special occasion.

Makeup – Simple, but gushing glamor

Key ingredients: Eyeliner, red lips (or any bold color), defined brows, and sculpted cheeks
Bonus: False lashes for added dramatic effect

Hair – I went for an old-fashioned, traditional style (in less than 15 minutes!)

I parted my hair in the middle to contrast my usual side-part. I split my hair in two sections. I curled the top half of my hair with a small barrel curling iron. The key was to get close to the roots so that after I pinned it the hair back, you could still see waves instead of evenly slicked hair.

I cheated time by making a bun with the bottom section. Then, I pulled the curled pieces from the top half of my head over the bun to conceal it and pinned pieces randomly.

glamOh session: Esther MU+H

August 17, 2009
Makeup consultation/tutorial + hairstyling: Esther

Esther and I originally met for a makeup session + tutorial. The majority of makeup we used was her own so she could learn how to utilize them on a daily basis.

Esther’s daily makeup regimen usually includes light foundation/powder, eyebrow pencil, blush, lip gloss, and eyeliner.

We added in eye shadows and lip color, while taking everything else up a few notches.

We used a combination of products to make her skin even toned with a balance of matte/sheen for a healthy glow. The multi-tasking hero of this look was Benefit’s High Beam illuminator.

Contour/Highlight – We worked on contouring and highlighting areas like the cheeks, nose, and lips.

Eyes – We worked on a smokey eye technique with every day neutral-toned colors and then incorporated grey/black tones from a Chanel quad to add a dramatic effect.

Instead of using a thick black liquid eyeliner to define the eyes, we used dark powders and pencil eyeliners for a softer effect.

Hair – After the makeup was finished, we decided that she HAD to have styled hair to match her glam look. I transformed her usually long, straight hair into a mane of volume and sexy waves.

Esther has great face structure and we merely brought them out with the right colors. She left the session feeling like a high fashion model.

For more photos, please visit

Project GlamOh: Kat Von D

August 14, 2009
Channeling my inner Kat Von D

My inspiration for this look was Kat Von D’s print ad for her new fragrances Saint and Sinner in the latest Sephora Catalog. Though I can’t compete with Kat Von D’s beautiful skin and face structure, a girl can try, can’t she? Besides, beauty is all about exploration. GlamOh stands for empowering women to explore their beauty through makeup, hair, fashion, and life.

Nose – My nose looked a little large due to the flash in my camera. In order to keep the entire look sharp, I decided to contour my nose more dramatically.

I used a dark, matte brown contour powder to create shadows on my nose for more definition. I highlighted the highest part of the bridge with a matte white and light tan powder.

Cheeks – I used a contouring powder to sculpt the cheek and used a bronzer with shimmer to highlight.

Lips – I used a matte red/pink as a base for my lips, blotted with a tissue, then layered on a slightly glossy bright magenta lip color. No gloss or illuminator added. In order to create a more 3D shape and make my lips pop, I put a light shimmer powder on the cupids bow of the upper lip and put a border of concealer around the entire lip.

Brows – I used a brow gel and dark eyebrow powder to create a strong arch.

My version of a magazine shot…

Remember, nothing is inaccessible for you. All you need is an adventurous spirit and an open mind.

Check out for more photos.

Beauty Products under Oath: Exfoliators for The Face

August 4, 2009


I swear by exfoliating treatments.

Exfoliate is just a fancy word for removing dead skin cells. It is highly recommended by skin care experts and I personally believe it is a MUST for all skin types except maybe extremely sensitive skin (see end note).

I found that trying to exfoliate my face physically with a washcloth or scrubs were too harsh and not effective. I discovered exfoliating treatments will do the work for me. These work beyond basic cleansers or scrubs as they have special ingredients that remove the old layer of skin on a micro level. Apply it, leave it on, and rinse. Voila! you now have a fresh canvas.

Since I have incorporated them into my skin care regimen, I have noticed a dramatic improvement in my skin’s clarity and texture.

My favorite is Kate Somerville ‘ExfoliKate’ Intensive Exfoliating Treatment $85 and is available at Nordstrom. Due to their great customer service and return policy, if it doesn’t work for your face, you can return it easily. It’s also available in a Gentle $65 formula as well.

Here are some less expensive alternatives that I’ve used and recommend:

Arbonne Intelligence Exfoliating Masque with Thermal Fusion $32

Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel $45

Also available for Sensitive Skin $39

I urge you to try it and would love to hear your testimony on how it helped improve your skin!

Note: To clarify, I am referring to true sensitive skin as diagnosed from a medical perspective. This skin type is susceptible to adverse reactions like a rash to most products that you and I use on a daily basis. Marketers have overly used the term “sensitive” to refer to skin that falls under the “normal” category but has occasional issues with sensitivity most likely due to environmental factors or overuse of products, or skin that responds better to more gentle products.

Daily GlamOh: Engagement Party Guest

August 3, 2009

Beauty for the Everyday Gal: Faye

Faye, a nurse and model, was attending her cousin’s engagement party at a lounge in Pasadena, CA. She usually does her night makeup in dark, charcoal colors so I did smokey eyes in gray and navy blue with an understated nude lip.

She has oily skin (though you can’t tell here because her face looks flawless), but it was dry on the surface. I suggested Korres Yogurt Cream for oily, dehydrated skin as her moisturizer (

For more photos, check out