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The Ponytail

September 2, 2009
60’s Style Ponytail

Make your bad hair day into a glam one, by slightly adjusting your ponytail for a more polished look. The key to a 60’s style ponytail is va va voom volume on top. You can leave out your bangs, if you’d like.

1. Make a tight ponytail, leaving out a section of hair on top.
2. Wrap hair around ponytail to conceal rubber band. Use bobby pins to secure.
3. Backcomb (tease) top portion of hair. Polish the top layer of hair to hide “ratted” hair.
4. Pull back top portion and “hide” near base of ponytail.
5. Curl ponytail, if desired.


glamOh session: Esther MU+H

August 17, 2009
Makeup consultation/tutorial + hairstyling: Esther

Esther and I originally met for a makeup session + tutorial. The majority of makeup we used was her own so she could learn how to utilize them on a daily basis.

Esther’s daily makeup regimen usually includes light foundation/powder, eyebrow pencil, blush, lip gloss, and eyeliner.

We added in eye shadows and lip color, while taking everything else up a few notches.

We used a combination of products to make her skin even toned with a balance of matte/sheen for a healthy glow. The multi-tasking hero of this look was Benefit’s High Beam illuminator.

Contour/Highlight – We worked on contouring and highlighting areas like the cheeks, nose, and lips.

Eyes – We worked on a smokey eye technique with every day neutral-toned colors and then incorporated grey/black tones from a Chanel quad to add a dramatic effect.

Instead of using a thick black liquid eyeliner to define the eyes, we used dark powders and pencil eyeliners for a softer effect.

Hair – After the makeup was finished, we decided that she HAD to have styled hair to match her glam look. I transformed her usually long, straight hair into a mane of volume and sexy waves.

Esther has great face structure and we merely brought them out with the right colors. She left the session feeling like a high fashion model.

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