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Rethink Your Foundation

December 28, 2009

Many women use medium to full coverage foundations, even when they don’t need that kind of coverage all over their face.

If you are one of the few blessed women that have clear skin (we hate you, by the way), why cover it up with layers of foundation? Go sheer to light. A tinted moisturizer would work, too.

Or, if you have fairly good skin but have a few imperfections, just cover them with concealer first and then use a small amount of foundation for the rest of your face.

Oil-free is a popular foundation choice, but it doesn’t do justice on most. Healthy skin is made of up oil and water, so give up the old wives tale that oil equals evil. Foundation isn’t supposed to penetrate your skin anyway, so foundations that include oil shouldn’t make you break out. You’re either breaking out because you’re not using proper skin care or there are other chemicals in the product that has a negative reaction with your skin.

Also, most of us are dehydrated anyway, so a non- oil-free foundation with a semi-matte or dewy finish would be a better choice. If you don’t like the extra glow, just use extra loose powder to matte it down.

Not ready to take the plunge yet? Try a sample for a couple weeks to see and feel the difference.

When shopping for a foundation, consider the coverage and finish you want.





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